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Scholar Berry and Heist Society Giveaway

I recently made a website dedicated to reviewing Young Adult books. Click here for the link.
I've been going to summer school and reading books like crazy, and also reading Shiver and Linger without crying my eyes out in front of the class although I did leaked a couple droplets of tears in last pages of Shiver and Linger...Maggie Stiefvater is awesome! She writes so beautifully..

I have also read Heist Society by Ally Carter, the author of I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you!
I'm giving it as a giveaway, and US residents can enter until July 20th!!!! Check it out in the blog, or click here!


B2ST and Hyun Ah

I love these two Korean groups--Well, Hyun Ah isn't exactly a band..though she sings in 4 Minute.
I discovered B2ST from Hyun Ah's single, "Change".
It's amazing--though the video is pretty much for boys since it's "provocative"?? I love it.
I watched it 3 times and dance it when no one's around, hehe.

Anyway, today I chatted with one of the Japanese guy from student exchange and he helped me with my Japanese paper. I learned a lot about Japan today. It was very interesting! Check out B2ST and Hyun Ah, they're amazing!


Mess of February 13th.

  LOL. It was a great experience.

My team member consist of 3 people--me, and two boys. I was the captain. 
Well...we were supposed to meet up in school at 6:30, because the bus will leave at 6:50 AM. 
The thing is, both of my members weren't there by 6:50.
Of course I panicked! I know one of the boys' number because he was in my team last year too. I called his cell phone number, it went to the voicemail and I throw my phone back inside of my pocket. I remember, I wanted to ask for the other boy's number, but that boy told me that he live 3 blocks away--there's no way he'd be late.

So where the hell are they!?!!? (At this point it was already 7 something and I was already so impatient that I wanted so badly to punch the side of the bus.)

Thankfully, 2 minutes after I calmed myself down, one of the boy showed up. It was the boy who I called but didn't reach. He forgot his cell phone and he basically showed up running in the bus still trying to button up his white shirt and tying his tie at the same time. It was hilarious, but I was still tense.

I began to ask everyone if they have this other boy's number. We reached him, and his grandmother picked up. His grandmother is Hmong and I couldn't speak it, so someone else had to. The boy?? He was still sleeping. (Aaand, by this point I have steam coming out my ears, probably).

3 blocks away! He's still sleeping at 7:20! I woke up at 5, for God's sake and I took a 5 minutes shower and I'm a girl. I studied for the rest of the time I have left until I have to get in the car.

Well anyway, he had to drive himself up to the competition place because we really have to leave at that point. I was tense the whole time we were driving up there, excluding myself from the crowd.

But when he arrived, it was okay. I promised to kill him after the competition--since I needed the information in his head.
We had to write description of a picture of a bunch of people eating bentou in a park. And we did well. Very well--out of 60, we got 46 points. Last year? We had 27 points... Good improvements, yes?
And went the Q and A round. That was bad. Really bad we didn't go to the finals.
But it was OK!!

There was a garage sale and it was amazing--I bought a Japanese grammar dictionary (a $25-$27 value) for $1!!! And a Ribon Shueisha manga for $1!!! (even though it was 2002 edition). "Ring"--the Japanese horror classic novel for $1. Another $1 for Japanese textbook. *grin* I was the only one fishing out the books for a moment, and I'm thankful that I'm in love with books because I got the good ones right away~
And this Japanese guy who volunteered in the T-Shirts booth?? he was bored so he bought a Shounen Jump for $1. I was reading it for a moment and then went the talent show (in which I have to give a speech in--I got first place! Yay!! And that means I got a $50 prize for movie theater) and I was still holding his Jump. I ran back and gave it to him but he said, "Oh, it's okay, you can take it." XD I was so happy! I can practice reading Japanese more!!

Oh, and there's this cool bamboo scented round thing that I bought for my mom. It was green. That was why I bought it for her.
XD It was amazing.

I can't wait till August/September, until my departure to Japan.
*grin* But of course, let's go to April 1st first, hehehe...

LOL. Sort of indecisive, here...

LOL. Being new both in Livejournal and Blogspot sort of makes me confuse on what to do on which.
But I've decided--on Livejournal, well...I'll make it into a diary. ...Meaning daily, I guess..
I'll put books I'm reading and books I just finished in Livejournal too. Including the music and all the fun stuff.
While the blogspot one, I will put writing stuff. Not the novel I'm working on, but some kind of..I don't know. Exercises.
Like "describing a place" or anything like that. That's pretty fun too, but that's more of what I'll be doing in the blogspot anyway.

Argh. still sort of confuse on how to make this livejournal a little bit flashier. lol. I wish I know more about making websites than I do now.
But well..one step at a time.
...That means I have to study Japanese!!!!
Write the Japanese speech!!!!
While also writing the Japanese paper.
...*grin sheepishly* I know procrastinating isn't a good thing, but I know people still do it anyway...

What I'm working on.

I've been working on the Japanese Study Abroad paper that's due on the 17th of February. I plan to finish it before the 10th, so that it'll help on the Japanese Quizbowl process on the February 13th. Besides that, I'm also still working on my grammar. (My spelling is good, but my grammar...eh..not so good, lmao) Either way, I'm a bit slow in writing my story.

Still reading Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick--hasn't been able to read ever since last night. Hoping to finish the last 50 pages or so today.
Goal for this week: To write 14 pages of my own story.

...Seems impossible..but..hey, "you never know how high you are until you are asked to rise", lmao.


Just made the livejournal account!!!
Currently reading Hush hush (by Becca Fitzpatrick--it's an awesome book,  go check it out!), set it down to do homework.
My left eye (that was accidentally poked by a stack of paper that someone was holding) is totally clear now. I was so scared that I would be seeing blurs everywhere and that I wouldn't be able to read again. I kept staring at the unfinished Hush Hush book last night before I went to sleep and prayed that I can read normally again.